One internship to rule them all.


Hurrdat is hungry. We’re connecting companies and consumers around the world through new media and we’re looking for college students with bold ideas and an appetite to make them a reality.

We’re not about having interns around for coffee runs. We’re in the market for hard workers who can communicate, collaborate, and create.

Ferocious for Facebook? Totally into Twitter? Bonkers for blogs? Perfect—we want you. You can expect to be challenged by your internship and be surrounded by passionate, dedicated, and creative people.

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flexible schedule


We love you and want you to hang out with us ALL THE TIME, but that’s unreasonable. Work around your class schedule to set your own hours in the 15-20/week range.

mo' money, less problems


You’ll be doing real work and, in return, we’ll compensate you with real money, rich experiences, and a wealth of digital marketing knowledge. Pretty sweet jackpot.

real-world experiences


Expect to gain real-world experience and interactions with clients. You’ll produce usable work and be able to add executing digital campaigns to your bag of tricks.

Internship Openings

Hurrdat isn’t your traditional agency. Our interns must be willing to learn, adapt, and innovate. If you join our crew, you’d be collaborating with other interns and full-time employees to help our brands tell their stories. We’d like to have you in our office 15-20 hours a week for three months.

Sound good? All majors are welcome to apply.

Interested applicants send resume and cover letter to

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