Bailey Hemphill

Introducing BERT, Google’s Language Algorithm Update

Introducing BERT, Google’s Language Algorithm Update

A few times each year, Google makes updates to its search algorithm. Major updates like Panda and Penguin change everything we know—or think we know—about search engine optimization and the way our content ranks in search engine results pages (SERPs). Other updates,...

A More Targeted Approach to Keyword Research in Content Marketing

Too many digital marketers assume that simply writing good content will bring site visitors to them. While that may be the case for established websites with strong domains and social media followings, smaller websites with little to no authority can’t compete on good content alone. Especially not in search engine results.

Do Spelling and Grammar Affect SEO?

When it comes to creating and marketing content for your business, proper spelling and grammar are just as critical as topic brainstorming, audience analysis, and scheduling posts. But do spelling and grammar play a part in SEO?