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How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to Develop an Influencer Marketing Strategy

Considering that influencer marketing has become a popular trend in the digital marketing world, it might be tempting for brands to dive right in. But before you start adjusting your marketing strategy to incorporate influencers, you should take some time to figure...

Mobile Device Use By the Numbers

A mobile-friendly website is a must, and I’m not just saying that because I design responsive websites. If Google’s index split or your own smartphone habits aren’t enough to persuade you, perhaps the who, what, and how of mobile usage by the numbers will.

A More Targeted Approach to Keyword Research in Content Marketing

Too many digital marketers assume that simply writing good content will bring site visitors to them. While that may be the case for established websites with strong domains and social media followings, smaller websites with little to no authority can’t compete on good content alone. Especially not in search engine results.