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How to Design a WordPress Website for ADA Compliance

How to Design a WordPress Website for ADA Compliance

So you're in the middle of designing your WordPress website. Maybe you're switching themes, or you're making the move to WordPress for the first time. Either way, this is the perfect time for you to consider ADA compliance and ensure that your website meets the...

Mobile Device Use By the Numbers

A mobile-friendly website is a must, and I’m not just saying that because I design responsive websites. If Google’s index split or your own smartphone habits aren’t enough to persuade you, perhaps the who, what, and how of mobile usage by the numbers will.

Using SVG Filters & CSS For Photo Manipulation

Near the end of a recent website project, I ran into an interesting problem. The client wanted to switch the main color of the site to black. And while the magic of CSS makes that request straightforward, there was a rub. I had used color overlays on top of all of the pages’ image headers.

Everyone Is Creative

Everyone is creative, even when they say they’re not. Instead of letting your employees believe that they don’t have something to offer to the creative process, find ways to inspire their creativity.

301 Redirects and SEO for New Websites

Whether you’re redesigning your website or changing or merging domains, you can utilize a 301 redirect plan to ensure you pass as much of your existing domain authority (search engine rank) and organic traffic to your new website or domain.

7 Best Mobile Retail App Features

When building a mobile app for your retail business, keep in mind that it’s not just an extension of your website to help your business see more profits—it’s a place for consumers to find what they need quickly. Here are the seven of the best mobile retail app features you can have.