The History of Hurrdat Films

The History of Hurrdat Films

Like we said on Hurrdat Films’ Homepage, the story of how we came together isn’t overly complicated but isn’t super short either.

Dan founded Disconnected Media in 2005, building an impressive portfolio of clients, work, and connections over the next 10 years. Disconnected Media rebranded in early 2015 as Digital Hero Films.

It’s no secret that video is one of the most engaging and compelling pieces of content in a marketer’s arsenal today. We knew we needed to step up our video game to best serve our clients, and we were on the hunt for an experienced someone to lead our video efforts forward. We interviewed plenty of potential employees and found ourselves more than a year into our search without finding our perfect fit.

In 2015, Dan and one of our partners met at just the right time. They hit it off immediately. Dan had founded his own company, so they traded startup stories. Plus, Dan didn’t need a gig, so the conversations weren’t meant to go anywhere. But they did and quickly progressed from war stories to commonalities and eventually to “Hey, you think we should maybe be working together?”

But Dan and his team were best known for long-form, documentary-style storytelling, and there was concern that his form of storytelling might not be the best fit for what our clients were in need of. So our partners challenged Dan to see if he could tell a compelling story in a shorter period of time. They brainstormed how to tell stories and how to make an impact in as little as three seconds. Why so short? Because that may be all the time you get to make an impression in today’s marketing channels, where consumers are only a thumb swipe away from getting to the next piece of content if you can’t engage them.

By this time, the connection between Dan and our partners was forged, and it didn’t take long for the parties to come together on an agreement to acquire Digital Hero Films and bring Dan into our team in a senior leadership role.

For some time, there was internal debate over how to position the new film division. Was it a standalone company? Part of our parent company in Omaha? Part of Hurrdat? After a few months when the dust had settled, it was pretty clear having a film department would benefit Hurrdat, its clients, and its services most.

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