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Project Overview

Planet Eclipse is a leading global manufacturer of action sports equipment. Its line of paintball markers, The EGO, are widely regarded as the highest performing, most well-engineered equipment in the sport.

Started in 1991 by professional paintball player Antony Leadbetter and Julian Carr in Manchester, UK, Eclipse has become a brand known for its high-quality, player-driven products. As is typical in the world of action sports, Planet Eclipse sponsors several professional athletes and teams to use and endorse its products.

Dan Napoli, Hurrdat’s Director of Visual Storytelling, has worked with Planet Eclipse since the inception of its video marketing efforts in 2006. Following Napoli’s addition to the Hurrdat team in 2015, Hurrdat Films now oversees the conceptualizing, production, and distribution of all video assets for the brand each season, which have included athlete brand campaigns, reality sports shows, documentary shorts, and feature-length documentaries.


Hurrdat Films’ latest success for Planet Eclipse came in the form of the documentary “FIFTEEN.” The 86-minute film follows professional paintball team San Diego Dynasty and Planet Eclipse’s top sponsored athletes as they fight to keep an unprecedented 15-year winning streak alive.

The film’s goal was to highlight and help build new stars in the younger Dynasty players, and in doing so, also showcased some of the most well-known players in professional paintball.

Anticipation for the film was immediate. After the trailer’s release in early December 2015, it quickly reached 10,000 views on YouTube and 2,000 likes on Instagram.

Two days after in-store screenings for Planet Eclipse retailers in Los Angeles and Toronto, the film was officially released on PBNation’s YouTube channel, the sport’s go-to location for content from all brands, filmmakers, and leagues.

The film was accepted into and screened at the 2016 All-Sports Los Angeles Film Festival.


On the film’s release date, its YouTube link was shared 5,000 times on Facebook.

In its first week, “FIFTEEN” hit 40,000 views, the highest debut for a video on PBNation since June 2015. It now ranks in PBNation’s top five opening weeks for hosted videos.


The film reached nearly 70,000 organic views after its first month and climbed to 115,000 views after six months.

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