Teriyaki Madness

National restaurant franchise specializing in made-to-order teriyaki dishes

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Project Overview

Teriyaki Madness is a national restaurant franchise specializing in made-to-order teriyaki dishes. Founded in 2003, the chain has positioned itself as a healthier, fresher, and quicker alternative to the typical fast-casual options.

The restaurants are primarily located in large metropolitan areas — including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Miami — but a local entrepreneur involved in the Lincoln fitness community was eager to bring a healthy alternative to his hometown. Unsure of the best way to get the word out about his new venture, he enlisted Hurrdat to build excitement for the restaurant for both customers and potential employees.


Hurrdat’s launch campaign for Teriyaki Madness included brand voice development, social media account setup, content creation, community management, social media advertising, and local search optimization.

The first phase of the Teriyaki Madness launch campaign was to craft a unique brand voice to bring in potential employees, build brand awareness within the community, and grow the audience it serves.

Because the franchise allows franchisees some autonomy in brand voice, Lincoln’s Teriyaki Madness had an opportunity to stand out. What began as an ode to the national brand’s Elvis impersonator morphed into a light, fun persona complete with puns and plays on words. Its playful, trendy vibe allows Hurrdat to take risks in creating content to resonate with the brand’s audience.

The official Facebook page launch presented an opportunity for Hurrdat to use customer feedback to continue evolving the brand. The brand’s responses are coy when receiving compliments, and thorough while addressing concerns. Even dissatisfied customers have responded positively to these prompt responses and offers, and have been back to the restaurant as a result.

Another method Hurrdat has deployed to build brand affinity is Facebook Offers. In the campaign’s first months, the Facebook page hosted several discount and free appetizer promotions — the most successful of which was redeemed by customers nearly 20 times in a single week.


In the first four months, the Teriyaki Madness Facebook page grew to over 1,600 likes, generated 344,000 brand impressions, and received more than 2,400 post engagements.

A single hiring post helped generate more than double the amount of applications than the restaurant had openings.

A single post about the restaurant’s opening date resulted in over 1,200 engagements and was shared 21 times.

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