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10 Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media: Multiple Platforms

Having a presence on multiple social media platforms is essential for Pawnee’s swag-master Tom Haverford of NBC’s hit¬†comedy “Parks and Recreation,” and while his routine might seem exhausting — it’s also fairly applicable to social media strategy for businesses. The fact is, real-life Tom Haverfords exists all over the world. Your ¬†brand has an opportunity to communicate with customers everywhere that they are– this includes multiple social platforms.

We’ve broken down the basics of just how wide-spread social media use is:

If Facebook was a country, ¬†it would be the world’s third largest and more than two times the size of the U.S. population. Of that population, 23 percent of users check their account five or more times everyday and spend 8.3 hours a month on Facebook. Now that Facebook has more than one billion active users, 75 percent of businesses are taking advantage by creating a social presence on Facebook. (Sources:¬†Digital Trends, Convince and Convert, Digital Market Ramblings)

This seven-year-old social network has quickly come into its own. With 200 million active tweeters tweeting 400 million tweets per day, it’s no wonder why 75% of businesses are present on Twitter. For businesses who market to the 55 to 64 year age bracket, this group is the fastest growing demographic on Twitter — further proving that social media isn’t just for youngsters. (Sources: Buffer, Media Bistro)

With a surplus of Valencia-filtered salads and sunsets, Instagram now has 150 million active users. Businesses and brands on Instagram have an average of 722,000 followers and if that’s not enough motivation to start an account then consider this fact:¬†¬†an average of¬†1.5 million posts¬†mention each of these brands. Now those salads and sunsets are starting to sound more appealing, aren’t they? (Source: Nitrogram)

For Tom Haverford, LinkedIn is a great place to look for “professional shawties.” For businesses, it’s a networking tool with more than 200 million active users. It provides easy connection to people and other businesses with common interests or career fields. ¬†With 30 percent of businesses using LinkedIn, users are able to research companies and follow them for updates. (Source: Edudemic)

Tumblr has gotten most of its attention from the $1.1 billion dollar sale David Karp made to Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer, but the microblogging site has more value beyond the price tag. Tumblr attracts higher proportions of 18 to 24 year olds among its users than Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube. The posts on Tumblr typically reach notes, likes and reblogs, that amount in the high thousands. Last year, USA TODAY reported the average user spends 2.5 hours a month on Tumblr. But there are some Tumblr users who think differently about their time spent on the site.  (Source: USA TODAY)



Without a widespread social reach and thorough strategy, it’s likely that your brand is missing out on connecting with high numbers of potential customers. By engaging loyal and new customers on multiple platforms, your brand will grow a strong social presence. Channel your inner Tom and nail down your social routine.