5 Highlights from Facebook’s F8 Conference

5 Highlights from Facebook’s F8 Conference

Facebook’s developer conference, known as F8, began today in San Jose. As usual, the event provided Facebook with an opportunity to showcase a slew of upcoming features for all of their social platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. It was also the first public appearance for CEO Mark Zuckerberg since his Congress testimony. Here are the announcements from today’s conference that have us the most intrigued.

Downvoting on Facebook

Facebook announced an upcoming feature that is sure to change comment sections as we know them: Downvoting. While this feature isn’t coming to Facebook posts themselves (only comments), users will soon be able to upvote or downvote comments in any thread, which will be similar to other social sites like Reddit, Imgur or Digg. According to product head Chris Cox, this feature will “improve the quality of public conversation.”

Instagram Video Chat

Instagram had several announcements at F8, including an announcement that video chat will be available on the app in the coming weeks. The video chat option will be accessible through Direct threads with other users and can support one-on-one chats or chats with a small group.

Instagram Video Chat Example

Image from Instagram Press

Third-Party Sharing to Instagram Stories

Another one of Instagram’s most intriguing announcements from F8 is the option to post directly to your Instagram Story from other apps. Right now, integrated apps include Spotify and the GoPro app, but Instagram said more will be adding this capability for more soon. The example provided in the release and at the conference was the option to share a song from Spotify which allows your followers to click a direct link to listen to that song on their own device.

Spotify integration with Instagram Story

Image from Instagram Press

Facebook Dating

Facebook is officially entering the dating scene. Announced at F8, Facebook is building a feature designed specifically for dating. Users will be able to create a dating profile completely separate from their Facebook profile and have potential matches suggested based on dating preferences, common interests and mutual friends. Groups and Events will also play an important role in the dating feature, allowing people to meet others with similar interests at public events.

Perhaps most importantly, what happens in the dating feature, stays in the dating feature. Meaning, friends and family won’t see any of your activity if you choose to use this feature.

Clear History Tool

Facebook has been catching heat ever since it was revealed that the private data of more than 50 million Facebook users was collected by political firm Cambridge Analytica. So, it was no surprise that Facebook wanted to address the concerns of their users at F8.

Facebook announced they will be launching a Clear History tool that will allow users to see the third party websites and apps that send information to Facebook and will give them the option to delete that information from their account and turn off Facebook’s ability to store it with their account moving forward. Zuckerberg did warn that deleting this information may negatively affect your Facebook experience, for whatever that is worth.

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