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At Hurrdat, we believe in storytelling through digital video to create powerful branded stories that connect you with your audience on a personal, emotional level.

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Docu-Profile Videos

We’ve taken the standard business “talking head” and evolved it into a cinematic, story-driven vehicle for your brand or business. With docu-profile videos from Hurrdat Films, your brand can introduce your audience to more than just who you are and what you do.

What is a Docu-Profile Video?

A docu-profile video in its simplest form is a highly-stylized promotional video for your business that helps you create a deeper connection with your audience. Instead of focusing on what you do or who you are as you would in the old “talking head” videos, we’ve developed a way to share a more compelling story about the how and why surrounding your business.

The stories your audience want to hear don’t come from an FAQ page or website copy. They come from the people behind the scenes and from the customers whose lives have been impacted by your brand. We want to show these stories and let your audience learn more in an engaging way.

Benefits of a Docu-Profile Video

Every company could benefit from the production of a docu-profile video. These videos can serve as a great way to showcase…

Company milestones or anniversaries

Taking a product to market after a long R&D phase

Personalities within your company

Customers who have been affected on a positive and personal level

Our Docu-Profile Video Reel

Interested in creating a docu-profile video for your brand? Take a look at some of the docu-profile videos we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

Hire Me Videos

A simple brochure doesn’t always tell potential clients what you can do for them. With a hire me video from Hurrdat Films, you can tell any potential client or customer what you do, how you do it, and the reasons as to why they should hire you!

What Goes into a Hire Me Video?

Hire Me Videos are 2-4 minutes in length, anchored by a professionally lit interview with a single subject, which is typically company ownership or the client’s head of sales, and filmed on a white syc (background) at our studio in Omaha. Hire Me Videos also feature appropriate B-Roll of a client or their product in action, as well as dynamic stock music. These elements are all woven together to produce a polished snapshot of your business and an essential digital marketing tool.

These videos are built to last with the use of high-quality, professional microphones and cameras that ensure all aspects of your video are clean and clear. We also provide clients with a master copy of your hire me video. This gives you the ability, should some new and improved technical requirement be released online, to create a version of your video to those standards!

Benefits of a Hire Me Video

Hire Me Videos work the best for business or brands strongly driven by relationship sales and focused on a high-level of personal interaction. Consultants, trainers, media sales, and software sales businesses have found great value in Hire Me Videos because of their…

Short production cycle (approx. 30 days)

Clear, concise messaging about you and your company

High production values

Flat rate & predetermined pricing

Our Hire Me Videos Reel

Take look at some of the previous Hire Me Videos we’ve done for other companies!

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Your audience has incredible stories to tell, and the best way to showcase the people who are doing amazing things on behalf of your brand is through easily digestible micro-films from Hurrdat Films!

Why Create a Micro Film?

Unlike a docu-profile video or event video that may focus entirely on your brand or a person directly associated with your brand, micro-films share the stories of brand advocates, sponsored athletes, artists, and everyday people who embody the ideals of your brand or marketing campaign.

Our Micro-Film Reel

Interested in creating a micro-film for your brand? Take a look at some of the micro-films we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

Event Videos

The essence and atmosphere of your brand’s event can be difficult to describe, which makes the use of video important. Share these moments through a captivating event video created by Hurrdat Films!

Types of Event Videos

While the term “event video” may make you to think there’s only one type of video we create, there are actually three videos to consider when you begin the promotional cycle for your next event.

Pre-Event Hype Video

Getting people excited for an upcoming event is easier with a pre-event hype video! A video that promotes the event early is a great way to convey the atmosphere attendees will experience in addition to sharing the “when and where” information that new fans will need.

Same-Day Event Videos

With multi-day events, a great way to appeal to new and existing fans is through same-day event videos! These videos are shot, edited, and delivered for sharing on social media or your website and can help convince more people to attend your event!

Post-Event Wrap-Up Videos

A post-event wrap-up video not only thanks those who attended and helped at your event, but that also works as a marketing tool for your next event. These videos come together through the use of on-camera interviews and shots that can be cut to highlight specific elements of the event.

Our Event Video Reel

Interested in creating an event video for your brand? Take a look at some of the event videos we’ve created at Hurrdat Films!

What Brands Have Said

“We don’t make these films to win awards or to be recognised outside of our industry, but it’s great when we do. We try and create the best possible work no matter what it is that we are doing. Our films get better and better each year, but if we never win an award that’s fine as long as our films are liked, that’s enough. If just one person watches one of films from outside of the industry and decides to give Paintball a go then that’s the cherry on top.”

Antony Leadbetter

President, Planet Eclipse

“Hurrdat Films is incredibly agile in their approach to working with clients. We came to them with an unfinished concept and they helped us deliver an amazing final finished piece inside of 3 weeks. Their creative thinking really brought our idea to life and without them we could never have successfully navigated to intricacies of the casting, shoot and final editing/finishing.”

John Battistini

Director of Interactive Services, 2005-2015, Stein IAS

“Dan and his team have helped Planet Eclipse create an archive of stories that not only reflect the journey of the Eclipse brand, but also help weave a visual tapestry of the paintball industry, through our products, athletes and the teams that have pathed the way for future generations of paintballers. Their knowledge of the industry and involvement in the growth of the sport is something that just cannot be bought and is a valuable asset to our brand, and the sport. As fans of paintball who share our emotional connection with the industry, they are mindful of the kind of stories we should be telling which helps us build a timeless bank of video content for many generations to enjoy. Because of this shared emotional connection our vision is often in sync, making it much easier and very exciting to work on a wide variety of projects. Long may this continue.”

Al Woods

Brand Manager, Planet Eclipse

“The Victory Fighting Championships brand is emerging as a global development promotion for the UFC and is part of their UFC Fight Pass channel, so we need production work that’s local but able to present the brand on national level and I couldn’t be any happier with what I’ve received thus far.”

Ryan Stoddard

President, Victory Fighting Championship

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