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Docu-Profile Video

What Is a Docu-Profile?

A Docu-Profile is a highly-stylized promotional video that feels like a mini-documentary. It gives a cinematic treatment to your story, which creates a deeper connection with your audience and customers.

It features a proper film title, adding to the feeling that the audience is about to watch something more thansimply “another video.”

A Docu-Profile is Different than a “Talking Head” or “Testimonial” Video

Standard talking head or testimonial videos are constructed solely around the “what.” This is our brand/business, or this is what the brand/business helped me to do. Docu-Profiles are built around the two most compelling ingredients of the storytelling process–the How and the Why.

A Docu-Profile Tells a Small Story

A Docu-Profile follows a basic story structure, having a beginning, a middle and an end. It is filmed and edited in cinematic style, which means it uses music, interviews and environmental shots (sometimes abstract) to create mood and tone, just like a documentary film.

Doc-U-Profiles don’t simply tell how great you or your company is. They tell how you got there, and show where you are at now.

What were the struggles and triumphs that shaped you into the success you are today? Showcasing this, taking the audience along for the ride, and letting them experience both the challenge and success right along with the you.

A Doc-U-Profile is a Great Way to Showcase a Company Milestone or Philanthropic Endeavour

Celebrating and leveraging significant wins and milestones of your brand or business. Milestones such as a company anniversary , or taking a product to market after a long design & develop can really be amplified with a Doc-U-Profile. This can be powerful marketing.

A Doc-U-Profile doesn’t have to be about the Brand or Business

Doc-U-Profiles are an amazing vehicle to show how your brand, service or product is interacting with the world at large and making an impact. Clients, customers and spokespeople of your brand/business often have the most amazing stories.

A Doc-U-Profile is Created by an Experienced Documentary Filmmaker

All Doc-U-Profiles are produced by an experienced documentary-film director. Dan Napoli is our team’s Director Of Visual Storytelling. Previously, he ran his own production company, Digital Hero Films , for 10 years. Dan has directed nearly a dozen brand films for clients from the worlds of action sports and finance.

What You Get

A 4-7 minute mini-documentary video.

Visual Elements

There will be a one-day shoot for principal photography, where we film professionally lit interviews with up to 3 subjects–either on-location at your offices or at our studio in Omaha.

After crafting the story arch from the interviews, we spend another day on location to film compelling, cinematic environmental and B-Roll pick-up shots to augment the story.

Audio Elements

We use high-quality, professional mics (Sennheiser MK 600 Boom & Sennheiser Lav mics) to ensure we capture clean and clear audio.

Other audio elements include up to 3 pieces of premium stock music to further enrich your story.

Production Crew

For every Doc-U-Profile video shoot, we send a production team which may include a Producer, Director Sound Operator, and Camera Operator to film environmental footage and interviews.

Final Deliverables

We provide you one copy of the video optimized for internet streaming on your Youtube or Vimeo Channel. We provide you one really big file size copy of the video–in a format you will never use, but should save on a computer for a rainy day. With this file ( known as a master ), any video professional can make you a copy in pretty much any format in the future.

Along with your full-length Doc-U-Profile video, we also provide you following bonus “buzz” videos to help promote the film via social media.

  • 30 second YouTube/Facebook Trailer (1)
  • 15 second Instagram/Facebook trailer video (2),
  • 30 second Twitter trailer video (1)

These are available upon request at no extra cost.

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