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Event Videos

What You Get

A 3-5 minute video telling the story and purpose of your event, capturing it’s essence and ambiance like only video can.

Visual Elements

An event video contains mixture of On-Camera Interviews, environmental/event-shots that capture the ambiance of the event, and shots that can be cut-in to highlight specific elements of the event that interview subjects are speaking on camera about (referred to as B-Roll ).

On-camera interviews conducted with attendees and event stakeholders will be captured either on-location at the event or post-event at our studio in Omaha, Nebraska, for the same cost.

Audio Elements

Events can be fun, energetic happenings. But this often makes them extremely challenging for capturing interview audio. So we use high-quality professional mics and a dedicated sound operator to ensure we can capture the most important part of your event – what people have to say about it!

Other audio elements include 1-2 pieces of premium stock music to further enrich your story. We can potentially include cool, live sounds of the event – glasses clinking, people cheering, etc (known in the business as wild audio).

Production Crew

For every Event Video shoot, we send a 3-person team Producer , Camera Operator and Sound Operator to your event to capture environmental footage and interviews.


We provide you one copy of the video optimized for internet streaming on your Youtube or Vimeo Channel. We provide you one really big file size copy of the video–in a format you will never use, but should save on a computer for a rainy day. With this file ( known as a master ), any video professional can make you a copy in pretty much any format.

Along with your full-length event video, we also provide you a 15 second Instagram trailer video, or 6 second Twitter trailer is available upon request at no extra cost.

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