We have the brain power and the creative expertise to build and implement custom campaigns from initial ideation to full-scale execution.



By fusing traditional marketing with new media tactics, Hurrdat understands how to market forward-thinking businesses operating in the Information Age.




Founded in 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Hurrdat has assisted more than 100 businesses with specialized social media strategy, design, and development.

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Why Hurrdat?

Keeps You Focused

Outsourcing your digital marketing services to a top-notch agency allows you to remain focused on the other aspects of your business. You don’t have to deal with the hassles of strategizing, communicating, responding, managing budgets, writing, scheduling, or programming. We handle it all for you.

Approval and Archiving

We work with your compliance team to guarantee that nothing is posted without approval. We archive all social activity, simplify your compliance work flow, and ensure all content meets industry regulations.

More Minds

We involve our entire team in the brainstorming and collaboration processes in order to provide our clients with solutions that are on the cutting edge of digital marketing technologies.

Unique Content

Hurrdat provides cohesive images and content that reflect your brand while translating across multiple markets of current and potential customers to grow and engage your audiences.

Measurable Results

We live, breathe, and teach social media. More than that, we understand the importance of providing you measurable results and analyses to continuously optimize content, strategy, and ads.

Breathe Easy

Digital media never sleeps. When you work with Hurrdat, you can breathe easy knowing that your accounts are being monitored and maintained by experts. No interactions go unseen, no comments left unanswered. We’ve got it covered.