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Social Media: Design

There’s no denying that modern marketing requires strong design that not only catches the attention of your audience, but that also builds a strong brand identity.

It’s very common for brands to overlook the importance of design when building out their social profiles. Know what happens to the social channels that are associated with these brands? They don’t make it very far.

Design Is Central in Our Approach

At Hurrdat, design is a critical part of every social media marketing strategy that we build, and it works with content to communicate your message, build a strong brand identity, and drive results. Any social campaign without this key ingredient will not reach its full potential, and that’s why we don’t create campaigns without it.

What Our Design Services Include

Many don’t realize how prominent designs are across different social channels. When you take a minute to think about it though, social media sites demand tons of visuals, so your audience has come to expect a professional visual experience when they find you on Facebook or Twitter.

What we’re trying to say is that strong design is a must, and that Hurrdat has you covered every step of the way. What do we build?

  • Cover photos are the most prominent element of almost any social page. We use cover photos to portray what your brand is all about.
  • Profile Images don’t just live on the profile page, but are also included on every single post by your business. Because of this, we make sure your business is easy to recognize and displayed professionally.
  • Post Images are essential to capture the attention of your audience. Social posts that include strong graphics receive far more interactions than those that don’t.
  • Branded Images help your business build a stronger brand presence on and off your social profile pages. We’re a big fan of building your brand.

Why Hurrdat? We Know Design

With design being a critical part of identity from day one, we have produced thousands of images for clients, seen how they’ve driven interactions, watched our clients pass competitors who didn’t invest in strong design, analyzed results, and then repeated the process for each and every one of our clients.

We have a strong creative team that’s passionate about what they do. Their sole focus is to provide our clients with images that can’t be ignored and represent the brand in a uniquely dynamic and professional light.

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