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Social Media: Promotions

Promotions and sweepstakes in marketing efforts have been around much longer than social media. But coupled with the use of modern technologies and outlets, they remain an essential tool in generating hype for a brand or product.

The Benefit of Great Promotions

Promotions offer you a chance to quickly grow your following on a social media network. Who wouldn’t like the chance to win a scholarship or gift card? But promotions are more than just a gimmick to get people to temporarily pay attention to your company.

The right promotion can show your clients that you’re more than a company looking to make sales—you’re a company looking to connect and bring something fun and worthwhile to their lives. Sure, people end up winning something in the end, but it’ll be your brand who wins in the long run.

More Than a Cheap Contest

At Hurrdat, we have the tools to move beyond paper raffles and jellybean jar guesses. We make promotions digital to pave the way to a better relationship between your brand and your customers. We’ll help you decide which social media platforms will be the most accessible for your audience and determine the best way to market your promotion.

Well-planned promotions in your social media strategy can aid your brand’s growth in fans and followers while giving them a chance to interact with your brand. When done right, sweepstakes can build a permanent bridge between you and your customers to better connect and ultimately build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

A well-executed promotion can also create data that will be useful for future promotions and overall strategy. While sweepstakes may open up your company and make it accessible to your consumers, it also gives you the opportunity to know the people you do business with every day.

Why Use Promotions?

Simply put, promotions work. They’re irresistible because everyone loves winning. At Hurrdat, we’re fully prepared and equipped to give you the most successful promotion to increase your brand’s recognition and relationship with consumers.

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