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Social Media: Research

Here at Hurrdat, we know that the most important step for social media marketing comes well before the first tweet or post is even composed. We believe that you should always measure twice and cut once, which means we have a lot of homework to do before we even get started. Do you think Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity by simply throwing darts at a board? You better believe there was a lot of research involved! We’re prepared to do all of the research necessary to have our own “Eureka!” moment with your brand.

Knowing Your Brand

We want to know everything there is to know about your brand. We want to know your goals and aspirations, where you came from, and all of your dirty little secrets. The better we understand your brand, the better we’ll be able to find your unique social media voice and discover your ideal target audience.

Social Media Analytics

We always run a complete set of analytics on your existing social media accounts so we know exactly what your followers are all about. By doing this, we’ll be able to learn some valuable insights about your social presence so we know the best ways to expand your reach. Our analytics will reveal:

  • The demographic of your followers: Age, socioeconomic status, and education level are important pieces of information when understanding who you’re talking to.
  • The level of engagement of your followers: We’ll know if your followers are actively involved by retweeting you or engaging in conversation with your brand.
  • Your overall reach on social media: There’s a lot more to social media than the number of your followers. Your followers have followers themselves, so your overall reach could be wider than you think.

Once we’re armed with this information, we’ll be ready to map out a plan of attack for furthering your online presence.

Your Industry Becomes Our Industry

We may not be experts in your specific industry yet, but we’re determined to get there. We want to know all the ins and outs of your industry so we’ll know how to better serve you. We’ll take the time to study recent trends in the market, and we’ll even keep a close eye on your competition. The better we know your industry, the better we’ll be able to fashion a campaign that will take your brand to new heights.

By doing the necessary research before we get started, we won’t end up wasting your valuable time and money.

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