Hurrdat Media Network Proudly Introduces “Name Drop” Featuring Chris Kirkpatrick and Brian McFayden

by | Sep 30, 2023 | Hurrdat News

[Omaha, Nebraska] — Hurrdat Media Network is thrilled to unveil its latest podcast, “Name Drop,” hosted by pop culture icons Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC) and Brian McFayden (MTV). This new addition enriches the network’s diverse portfolio of podcasts, offering listeners an intimate look into the lives of celebrities through candid conversations that often resemble “name drops.”

Pat Safford, Director of Network Podcasts at Hurrdat Media, expressed his enthusiasm: “The launch of ‘Name Drop’ with Chris Kirkpatrick and Brian McFayden marks a significant milestone for Hurrdat Media. We are honored to welcome these industry veterans into our growing family. The podcast invites listeners into the ‘Name Drop’ universe, where they can discover the untold stories behind some of the most recognizable figures in pop culture.”

Bill Hipsher, President of Hurrdat, added: “The introduction of ‘Name Drop’ to the Hurrdat Media Network is more than just an expansion of our podcast lineup; it’s a testament to our commitment to delivering diverse and compelling content. Chris and Brian bring a unique blend of entertainment and authenticity that resonates with our core values. We’re excited for what the future holds for this partnership.”

Availability and Platforms

“Name Drop” is accessible on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and iHeartRadio.

Collaborative Synergy

Chris Kirkpatrick shared his excitement about the partnership: “Joining forces with Hurrdat Media is an incredible opportunity. Their proficiency in media and marketing aligns perfectly with our collective vision, setting the stage for a transformative and impactful collaboration.”

Brian McFayden added, “This partnership is both a career highlight and a personal joy. I’m thrilled to co-host with my long-time friend Chris Kirkpatrick, and equally excited to collaborate with Hurrdat Media—a touch of home for this Nebraska native. It’s a win-win situation marked by integrity and excellence.”

Engage with Us

Hurrdat Media encourages listeners to subscribe to “Name Drop” on their preferred podcast platform and to engage in meaningful discussions across all Hurrdat Media social media channels.

About Hurrdat Media Network

Hurrdat Media Network is a premier podcast network specializing in the production and distribution of original content across a wide array of subjects, including sports, pop culture, business, and more. With an ever-expanding audience and a commitment to high-quality programming, Hurrdat Media Network continues to set the standard in podcasting excellence.

Media Contact

For media inquiries, please reach out to Pat Safford at [email protected].

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