Bryan Health

Healthcare organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Project Overview

Bryan Health LGH is a healthcare organization located in Lincoln, Nebraska. With two facilities and many outpatient clinics, the hospital serves in areas of cardiology, trauma, orthopedics, neuroscience, mental health, women’s health, and oncology. In January 2013, Bryan Health contracted Hurrdat for a digital marketing campaign to illustrate a community centered around the family birthplace.

The CapitalMOM brand was thus created to support a network of Lincoln parents at all life stages. Three local bloggers were carefully selected to write about the trials and joys of parenthood, with topics varying from baby food recipes to involvement in hospital events. The identity of the brand was designed to stand as a unique entity, while still reflecting the standards of the Bryan Health brand. The foundation of the campaign was created with a microsite, which won an American Marketing Association Merit award in the Spring of 2014 for website design.


Social Impact

68% Traffic to blog from social platforms of 2,700+ followers

Reader Loyalty

70% Average returning monthly visitors to the blog website

Design Recognition

2014 AMA Merit Award for Website Design

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